Aiming to touch the life of every human being she encounters during her journey on this planet, Maya is committed to inspire, motivate & help others to live a life of purpose!

Maya is not interested in becoming

Political Leader

Community Leader

Business Leader

Marketing Leader

But rather

Motivational Leader

Kindness Leader

Forgiveness Leader

Peace Leader


A POSITIVITY LEADER, an inspirational soul passionate about empowering humans & all humanity with POSITIVITY!

Maya is totally convinced that to have a balanced positive life, we certainly need to reach both, an emotionally balanced personal life with a rewarding professional one. In order to attain such level, we need to examine 2 things in ourselves:

Do we have the right mindset?

Do we have the right skills?

That's why she strongly believes in the power of positivity & created the 5Ps concept:

Positive thoughts lead to more Productive People which results into more Peaceful Planet!