"YOU must be the change you wish to see in the world!" - Ghandi

Aiming to touch the life of every human being she encounters during her journey on this planet, Maya is committed to inspire, motivate & help others to live a life of purpose!

She is eager to assist them focusing, committing, chasing their dreams/goals, & doing all what needs to be done to enjoy a more fulfilling life & reach their own version of GREATNESS!

Maya is not interested in becoming

Political Leader

Community Leader

Business Leader

Marketing Leader

But rather

Motivational Leader

Kindness Leader

Forgiveness Leader

Peace Leader


A POSITIVITY LEADER, an inspirational soul passionate about empowering humans & all humanity with POSITIVITY!

WHY? Because

Positivity is her language

Love is her religion

Kindness is her attitude

Forgiveness is her strength

Hope is her motivation

Gratitude is her weapon

Peace is her goal! @maya_elkhoury

Maya is totally convinced that to have a balanced positive life, we certainly need to reach both, an emotionally balanced personal life with a rewarding professional one. In order to attain such level, we need to examine 2 things in ourselves:

Do we have the right mindset?

Do we have the right skills?

That's why she strongly believes in the power of positivity & created the 5Ps concept:

Positive thoughts lead to more Productive People which results into more Peaceful Planet!

So, are you living a life or living a fulfilling life?

Is what you think you want and what you really want the same thing?