Do you believe business is about people, & business & people are codependent?

Do you believe that when we don't take enough time to think, we can make business decisions that lead to disappointing consequences?

Do you think it's time to have a successful business life?

Get in touch with Maya to reach an emotionally balanced life with a right mindset that doesn't interfere or block professional growth.

Benefits Of Consulting & Mentoring For Professional Mastery With Maya

  • It increases:

    • organizational loyalty & commitment

    • job satisfaction & productivity

    • self-awareness & management

    • social awareness & management

    • confidence & self-esteem

  • It supports:

    • personal development

    • achievement of specific objectives

    • resolve of specific behavioral issues

  • It improves:

    • business knowledge & skills

    • leadership, communication & conflict resolution skills

Maya's Business Expertise Cover The Following Aspects

  • Developing the business leader mindset

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Business success

  • Persuasion & influence

  • Negotiation skills & conflict resolution

  • Sales & communication skills

  • Customer service & public relations skills

  • Business & marketing plans

  • Consulting/Mentoring business owners to:

    • create & identify values

    • develop successful business identity

    • launch new projects: concept creating, planning, developing.