Would you like to communicate & engage better with colleagues, customers, family, friends, or strangers?

Would you like to improve your persuasion skills? 

Would you like to advance in your career path & be able to take senior roles & responsibilities?

Explore 20 hrs. of online live training & become a PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATOR able to negotiate & deliver powerful communication to influence, manage & lead!

Course Overview

Effective Communication Skills Training is designed to provide participants, regardless of their profession & life status, with depth knowledge, powerful tools & techniques that transform them to great communicators when practiced & applied in the right context.

This 20 hrs. of training explores the types of communication & discusses in details the fundamental skills required for effective communication.

It works specifically on individuals' personal effectiveness to help them engage, influence & impact regardless of their professions. In addition, this course offers strategies for negotiating better & overcoming any communication obstacles. 

Also, participants will be able to:

Training Method: Online Live Training - Zoom

Certificate: Effective Communication Skills By GREATNESS TRAININGS FZ-LLC, UAE

Who Should Attend?

This course is excellent to all individuals:

Course Benefits

During this course you will:

Course Outcomes

When you complete this course you will be able to build clarity & direction to your communication which leads to creating better engaging conversations so you can enjoy a healthy wellbeing with less stress & anxiety. 

Also, you will: