Are you searching for ways to increase productivity & job performance?

Do you finish a basic sales transaction but struggle with pitching products?

Would you like to improve your negotiation skills?

Enroll in Maya 20 hrs. of online live training & become a Certified Sales Professionals able to win more clients & close more sales!

Course Overview

Sales Skills For Professionals course is designed to provide individuals working in sales or any type of communication businesses with the required knowledge, skills & techniques to successfully reach their targets, achieve their tasks & jobs requirements.

  • This 20 hrs. of training covers in details the 7 steps of selling cycle.

  • It addresses the fundamentals skills of successful sales professionals.

  • It focuses on identifying buyers' characteristics & analyzing their buying behaviors.

  • The acquired knowledge provides the participants with all what they need to do to prepare themselves before, during & after closing sales.

  • The training is full of practical exercises & case studies that enable attendees to assimilate the learned skills & start applying them in their working life to increase their productivity.

  • Training Method: Online Live Training - Zoom

  • Certificate: Certified Sales Professional By GREATNESS TRAININGS FZ-LLC, UAE

Who Should Attend?

This course is for individuals who work in all types of communication businesses: sales, marketing, business development, customer service, consultancy, coaching, mentoring, customer success, & public relations.

For instance, whether you are:

  • starting a career in sales

  • intermediate sales person

  • experienced sales professional not getting the results you want

  • or advanced sales person looking for a refresher, this 20 hrs. online live training is exactly what you need to become a CERTIFIED SALES PROFESSIONAL & excel in your working life!

Course Benefits

Through the training you will:

  • understand & learn how to be more happy & productive in your job through being flexible, an active listener & in service tor others

  • explore the fundamental skills of a professional salesperson to Know how to sell:

      • "yourself" for a job or a promotion

      • your organization

      • your product/service

  • learn all the steps you need to do before, during & after selling to build a profitable, trustworthy & long-term relationship with customers

  • explore & try proven sales techniques to create value to both new & existing customers

  • know & analyze your buyers' types & personalities

  • learn & practice how to:

    • collect the right information from your prospect through asking the right questions & how to apply sales pointers based on the answers you receive

    • avoid mistakes that cost you sales

Course Outcomes

If you commit to practice all acquired skills & knowledge in your daily working life, you:

  • will will have the right sales mindset & feel more confident with your sales abilities

  • get clarity about your sales career & goals

  • gain more respect, appreciation & recognition for your work

  • gain self-awareness & self-management to master your sales communication skills

  • gain job satisfaction from getting promotion & more responsibilities with less supervision

  • will be in control of your negotiations & be able to achieve more sales