Maya is not interested in becoming

Political Leader

Community Leader

Business Leader

Marketing Leader

But rather

Motivational Leader

Kindness Leader

Forgiveness Leader

Peace Leader



Aiming to touch the life of every human being she encounters during her journey on this planet, Maya is passionate about empowering you to become your own version of GREATNESS!

  • Maybe her bachelor degree in graphic design with high distinction explains her professionalism in creating, designing & developing marketing concepts.

  • Maybe her Master's degree in Marketing & Communication from Rome Business School, Italy adds more values to her 15 years of working experience in several countries & multiple industries including: advertising, publishing, books, events, exhibitions, media, real estate, marketing, & education.

  • Maybe being able to shift from junior to middle & senior managerial positions in a very short period of time is due to her multitasking mindset, her strong will & dedication along with her written & oral communication skills in Arabic, English, French & her excellent negotiation abilities.

  • Maybe being both, Certified Emotional Intelligence & NLP Master Practitioner with more than 70 hrs. of trainings gives her proven coaching capabilities more expertise.

  • Maybe being a Certified Wellness Coach provides her remarkable guidance & life wisdom more depth & credibility.

  • Maybe being a Certified Professional Trainer by KHDA (Dubai Authority), CPD & FOCUS Awards UK with more than 60 hrs. of intensive trainings in both English & Arabic encourages you to enroll in her skills development trainings.

But regardless of her certificates, qualifications & working experiences,


What she went through in her personal & professional life, in the last several years, was her GREATEST teacher ever & the reason why she gained such remarkable business professionalism mix with wisdom & maturity at young age.