Maya strongly believes that no need for several years of working experiences to reach a senior professionalism at work.

Instead, if equipped with the necessary soft skills, even fresh graduates can save significant amount of time & trials, & progress faster in their career path.

Trainings Benefits & Outcomes

Maya's trainings help individuals & organizations stay at the forefront in this competitive world. They significantly increase job satisfaction to employees & employers!

Participants will be able to:

  • be more productive & perform better

  • progress faster in career path

  • reach advanced level of confidence & self-esteem

  • play a more active role in the companies

Maya Skills Development Trainings Focus on

  • Oral & written communication skills

  • Problem solving & negotiation skills

  • Presentations skills

  • Project planning & management

  • Leadership & critical thinking

  • Team work & task performance

  • Active listening, adaptability & work ethic

  • Real-world application, common errors